Gears of Babies : Browser is a fun third person shooter with an action hero baby protagonist.

 The story of the game is about a baby who wants to take away his milk and diapers.

game features:

  1. Intense and exciting shooter gameplay
  2. Beautiful and colorful environment
  3. Entertaining and simple story

Windows version with higher graphics:

Updated 24 days ago
Rated 4.6 out of 5 stars
(58 total ratings)
GenreShooter, Action
Tags3D, cover, Funny, Low-poly, Short, Singleplayer, Third Person, Third-Person Shooter


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best game ever

Very fun american game, though theres one part missing...

shooting the soldiers in the ball area should one tap them and make them scream bloody murder

please add this
(dont really)


haha so fun

bro military man shot a newborn baby, went to jail (ingame, not real lmao)


most american game i've played

was so fun for no reason. loved it 

game of the years (all of them) nomination?

this game is so immersive

Amazing 10/10 the story and gameplay is amazing

When you get grounded

Gears of babies


I literally fell out of the map........


baby mechanics are great, but unfortunately you never need to use the cover system. beyond the first level it's far too easy to shoot enemies in the head before they notice you

heckin awesome


As an American, this is exactly how I grew up. Very nostalgic. 10/10

same bro


Hahah baby has gun W game


I enjoy being a baby it gives me the right to kill others did not read the story but I never do nice game need more levels


Call of Duty wishes it could be this game.

Gears of babies: Diapers and milk is really weird..I love it

best game ever 10/10


could you make a non web version and make some graphic settings please i liked the game but it was laggy

Windows versions:


i love america

I sniped all of the soldiers.




a true american hero

 Gears Of Babies

10/10 would play again


unfathomably based baby


Gears of Babies


This is actually insanely good


Thank you.

Is there going to be any more content from this? If you want, you could make this a fully-fledged release, I mean like port it to consoles. It's up to you, but I would buy a playstation version of this.

Gears Of Babies



this game is a masterpiece




i love the lore

this game is amazing

Thank you.

fuckin awesome fr

All jokes aside this game is actually amazing!


Thank you.

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