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The letter

The Letter: Seeker Of Truths - Full Gameplay

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this game now has an official speedrun category

Thank you.

I also think it would be nice to have checkpoints but I do love a challenge. 

Thank you.

ur welcome! I loved the suspense and those moments where I'm being chased by almost all of the entities in the level. 

I'm glad you liked it.

I think it would have been nice for a restart button by pressing r because I keep falling out of the map on my Chromebook. I do love the game tho! It's fun!

Restart level  button is in pause menu ( With P key).

In the area where Nasser asks you to walk down the road, I fell through the floor at one point trying to enter a building. I'm not sure which building it was but I thought I'd report this anyway! Great game! It was a lot of fun and was really interesting and thought-provoking.

Thank you.

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Wow this is excellent. Has some Deus Ex / 47 vibe, just some textures and smoothing groups missing (which would make it look like a late 90ies game). Basically the controls are good, yet inside buildings I often lose orientation, When crouching in a corner, I can't raise the camera and maintain a pitch angle that actually allows to see where the guards are. Also, a mission re-briefing option would be nice. But over all very nice game, proper interaction implementation, Kudos.


no pointerlock after resume, making 360 degree turn impossible. (Brave browser)


Hi, Thank you for feed back. I have fixed the pause menu bug and also add restart level button,